Collaboration = Results

Sharing files and documents with your clients is easy with LiveSite File Share.

Instead of emailing files, small businesses can upload files to LiveSite. Clients are notified via email or on their next visit to your website. A client portal allows clients to view the shared documents on any device, anywhere, and also upload files online and share documents with you. Shared files are available for your review along with the relevant client correspondence history. File Share makes it easy to track when a shared document is viewed or when a new file is available.

Share Files With Clients

Share files as part of your conversation with existing clients. Ask clients to upload and share a document as part of their service request.

Client Portal

Shared documents are available via LiveSite client portal on your website. Clients are recognized and after verification, may view shared documents or share a file with you.

Customer Manager

Track files as part of the client’s account in our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Shared documents will be available to the relevant staff member working with the client

Email Notifications

The client and your appropriate team member are both notified of newly shared documents and can download them with a click.